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Many times, a tooth chip is limited to the tooth enamel layer and it causes little distress or discomfort. Even if you manage to live with the changed texture and appearance of the chip, you should still strongly consider having it repaired at Westlake Family Dentistry.

The bacteria in your mouth are tenacious and they will not readily pass up an opportunity to exploit a compromised area of tooth enamel. If tiny pieces of food or plaque buildup become trapped deep within the microscopic textures of the chip, it could easily create a new cavity.

If the chip is small and in a non-critical location on the tooth, Dr. Mike Choe might be able to repair it with a simple filling. If the damaged enamel is large or in a critical area on the tooth, he might recommend a dental crown restoration. This will replace the entire tooth enamel layer with a replica made from an artificial material that is not subject to tooth decay.

In a rare case where dental trauma chipped the tooth and damaged the root, he might need to perform a root canal. Once the structure of the tooth has been restored, he can then fit it for a crown.

If you live in the Fayetteville, North Carolina, area and you’ve suffered a chipped tooth, you should call 910-864-2944 to seek professional treatment and repair at Westlake Family Dentistry.