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If you are in need of a tooth restoration to not only repair any broken or damaged teeth but to also provide an additional level of protection against future damage, one highly effective tooth restoration to consider is a dental crown. Dental crowns are designed to enhance your smile not only with added durability but also with improved aesthetics as they can be designed for your oral health needs.

If you have any lost or missing teeth, it is important to replace them with a tooth prosthetic. However, if you have a severely damaged or broken tooth, you need not always rely on a tooth extraction and eventual prosthetic. Instead, dental crowns have been proven extremely reliable for restoring teeth that otherwise would need to be extracted. This is because they can cap and conceal teeth on all sides down to the gum line for many decades of protection. Because they are customizable, they can even blend in with the rest of your natural teeth and give you a smile that is aesthetically superior to one left untreated. In case you need to cover up simple stains and discolorations, or if you wish to protect your teeth from further dental damage, dental crowns are a highly effective option to consider.

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