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Periodontal Treatment in Fayetteville, NC

What is Gum Disease?

When you eat different kinds of food, the bacteria sticks to your teeth. If this isn’t rinsed or brushed off, it can begin to infect your gums as well. Since your teeth are rooted in your gums, the decay from your teeth can spread to your gums and becomes gum disease.

The infection in your gums starts off as gingivitis. This is slightly noticeable and causes some swelling and discomfort. If left untreated, however, the gum disease can turn into periodontitis. This is when the bacteria completely takes over your gums, and it can be dangerous to your jawbone as well.

Who’s at Risk of Gum Disease?

Anyone with poor oral health habits can develop gum disease, so it’s important to brush and floss frequently as well as visit your dentist often. However, certain people are more susceptible to it than others.

You may be likely to experience gum disease if you:

-Have diabetes
-Have low saliva production
-Suffer from severe health conditions such as cancer
-Have a family history of periodontal disease

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Receiving Treatment

When bacteria enters your mouth, it quickly begins to spread. If it’s not eliminated with proper dental care, it can deteriorate the tissue and bone in your mouth and jaw. Luckily, Dr. Choe is an experienced dentist and can provide you with one of our many treatment options.

Deep Cleanings

If you’re suffering from minor gum disease such as gingivitis, we can deep clean your gums through a method called scaling and root planing. This minimally invasive treatment is used to remove the bacteria from your gums and then smoothe them out to prevent further infection.

Laser Therapy

This treatment uses painless lasers to quickly glide through your gums and remove bacteria. It can be used to treat either gingivitis or periodontitis. Dr. Choe uses his laser technology to remove the parts of your gums that are infected to ensure the disease doesn’t spread.

This method can also be used to contour your gums to make your teeth look shorter or longer. If a portion of them has been removed due to infection, Dr. Choe will even out the surrounding gum tissues.

Frequently Asked Questions

What causes gum disease?

When tooth decay is left untreated, the bacteria can spread to your gums. This can cause them to become infected and develop gum disease.

What’s the difference between gingivitis and periodontitis?

Gingivitis is the first stage of gum disease. This may cause your gums to become swollen and bleed when you brush or floss them. Periodontitis consists of three stages, and the last stage can cause your teeth to become loose.

What if I leave my gum disease untreated?

If your gum disease is left untreated, it can lead to severe pain and even tooth loss. It can affect the functionality of your mouth or cause physical health problems.

What’s the best mouthwash to prevent gum disease?

While some people are more susceptible to gum disease than others, it’s important for everyone to take preventative measures. Brands like Oral-b, Crest, and Colgate tend to have trustworthy mouthwashes.

Protect Your Oral Health

Gum disease is a common issue, and some people might not even realize they have it until it’s too late. Contact our experienced staff at 910-864-2944 to learn more about treating and preventing periodontal issues.

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